//HEMP * CBD Disposable Vaporizers (200 mg) CBD – Ultra Fast Acting (Tangie-Invigorating)

HEMP * CBD Disposable Vaporizers (200 mg) CBD – Ultra Fast Acting (Tangie-Invigorating)




What is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – Hemp Plant Extract is derived from Agricultural
Hemp, according to the Farm Bill of 2014 contains less than .3% THC by dry weight. One of
the major phytocannabinoid molecules of Hemp is the non-psychoactive counterpart,
Cannabidiol “CBD”.
Endocannabinoid System – is a regulatory system consisting of cannabinoid
receptors. Cannabinoids have shown to regulate the body’s natural state of
homeostasis. Homeostasis = Balance – and having a healthy endocannabinoid
system can assist in regulating; memory inflammation, stress, pain response,
immunity, sleep and many other areas. These disposable Vaporizers are available in
four (4) fabulous flavors.


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